When Should Kids Get Braces?

Both braces and aligners play crucial roles in developing a person’s dental health. Orthodontic treatments, such as braces, are more than just cosmetic solutions. They are essential in correcting bite issues, aligning teeth properly, and ensuring a healthy, functional, and aesthetically pleasing smile. The timing of these treatments is critical, especially in children. How Old Do You Have To Be To Get Braces? The average age for braces is roughly 12 years old. According to the American Association of Orthodontists, ...

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7 Things To Know About Diabetes and Dental Treatment

Both type 1 and type 2 diabetes can greatly impact different aspects of your health. Your dental health is no exception, which is why in managing diabetes, check-ups at the dentist should not be skipped or overlooked. Whether you’re seeking treatment for an underlying dental problem or looking to get a routine exam, you should know how diabetes factors into your oral health. Let's delve into the five key connections between this medical condition and your smile: Dental Care Is A Crucial Part Of Diabetic Care –...

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Can Chewing On Ice Damage Your Teeth?

From a sensory perspective, chewing on ice can be quite appealing for many. Unfortunately, it is not good for your dental health. Long-term, ice can seriously damage your teeth, even if the damage might not be obvious at first. While enamel is the strongest substance in your body, it isn't invincible. Chewing ice can lead to small cracks in the enamel that can evolve into more significant issues. Fissures, tooth fractures and gum damage are just some of the problems that can happen. This risk increases, especially...

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7 Soft Foods For Braces During Thanksgiving

The holiday season is a time of joy, gratitude, and gatherings with loved ones. But for those who have an orthodontic treatment involving brackets and wires, navigating the Thanksgiving feast can be a bit challenging, thanks to food restrictions. We all know the tantalizing aroma of a Thanksgiving turkey, but can you eat it with braces? Fear not, we have some delectable solutions for a braces-friendly Thanksgiving meal. So, put on your festive spirit, and let's explore how to enjoy Thanksgiving without risking your ort...

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Achieving Good Dental Health in Kindergarten

Embarking on a journey into the world of education, kindergarten marks a significant milestone for both parents and their young learners. As you’re counting down to the first days of school and preparing your child for the exciting adventures ahead, don't forget to prioritize their dental health. Establishing a strong dental routine from the very beginning can set the stage for a lifetime of healthy smiles. In this piece, we'll delve into our pediatric dentist-backed tips that will help parents ensure their kindergar...

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