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Soothe Nerves with Your Sedation Dentists

Group of kids blowing bubblesSadly, fear of the dentist is a common problem among patients of all ages. Maybe these feelings are related to a bad experience you had as a child, or maybe the sights and sounds of a typical practice are just too much for your son or daughter to handle. Whatever the reason is, our doctors and staff members at Rio Dental & Orthodontics understand what you’re going through, and we want to help create a much more relaxed and comfortable atmosphere for our valued patients – that’s why we’ve invested in sedation dentistry. These techniques help foster calmness and reduce the intensity of negative emotions, whether they’re mild or very severe. Contact us today to learn more about how sedation dentistry can help you and your loved ones, or if you’re ready to schedule an appointment. We have two convenient locations in Irving and Farmers Branch, TX!

Our available sedation dentistry options include:

Young boy with slicked back hair smilingNitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide (also known as “laughing gas”) is a very mild sedative that is inhaled through a nasal mask. Within a few minutes of breathing in the gas, patients should feel relaxed and at ease. This procedure is very safe for both children and adults, and the effects wear off quickly after the mask is removed. This means that patients can go back to their daily routines with virtually no downtime!

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Young girl wearing beanie with big smileOral Conscious Sedation

Oral conscious sedation is administered through medication; our team will provide the medication on site. Once the medication’s effect begins, patients should enter a deep state of comfort. It’s even likely that they won’t remember much about their treatment once it’s completed. When using oral conscious sedation, we require that patients have a family member or friend escort them to our office and back home again.

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Young boy smiling from ear to earGeneral Anesthesia (“Sleep Dentistry”)

For those patients where oral sedation and/or nitrous are ineffective, general anesthesia in a hospital setting is also an available procedure at Rio Dental & Orthodontics.  Dr. Choy is currently on staff with both Children’s Hospital Dallas and Park Central Surgical Center and is able to treat his patients here while they are sleeping.  In addition to Dr. Choy, there is a fantastic team of pediatric anesthesiologists, nurses and assistants treating your child safely and effectively.  Performing procedures in the hospital, Dr. Choy can finish all treatment necessary in one visit and atraumatically.

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Sedation Dentistry FAQs

child high-fiving their dentist

Patients who are affected by dental fears or phobias typically avoid scheduling appointments unless it’s absolutely necessary. This can cause their oral health to decline, resulting in the need for more invasive and costly treatments down the road, especially with children, who are susceptible to cavity development. With sedation dentistry, your little one will be able to sit back, relax, and get the high-quality preventive care they need to keep their growing mouths as healthy as possible. For your convenience, we’ve collected some common questions we get about sedation dentistry below.

How should I prepare my child for sedation dentistry?

As a parent, you want your child to feel comfortable, relaxed, and safe as often as possible. Visiting their sedation dentist for kids is no exception, which is why we offer multiple techniques for children at Rio Dental & Orthodontics. If you’re not used to letting your child’s wellbeing be in the hands of professionals, the process of sedation can fill you with worry. However, your little one will be able to sense your concern, so it’s important to try being as encouraging and calm as possible. You can help them feel comfortable during their procedure by:

  • Bringing a comforting item along such as their favorite stuffed animal or blanket.
  • Hold your child’s hand to comfort them.
  • Provide verbal reassurance so they can feel secure by listening to the sound of your voice.

What will happen after my child’s sedation procedure?

Once they’ve received the dental treatment they needed, you’ll be called to the room by their pediatric dentist in Irving to be there with them while their medication wears off. Depending on the dosage and what type of sedation was used, the length of time will vary. Children react differently, but typically, they may feel fussy or confused. Sometimes they also feel a bit nauseous, but there’s no need to worry, these reactions disappear as soon as the medication has worn off.

Will sedation dentistry help my child who has special needs?

Patients who are on the autism spectrum and with other special needs may find comfort in having a consistent schedule and being in a predictable and familiar environment. This can make it difficult for them to sit through a dental visit without feeling anxious and fidgety. Also, it’s very common for children to have dental phobias or fears that can make a simple cleaning and checkup a traumatizing event. Often times, special needs patients require a special sedation dentist for kids so they can maintain healthy smiles.

At Rio Dental & Orthodontics, our professionals will work with you to help determine what type of sedation will be best to help your child feel at ease during their procedure. We’ll also be happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have so you feel confident in your decision choosing sedation dentistry.

What does the process look like?

Once your child has been approved for sedation dentistry, one of our dental professionals will meet with you and your little one to review all of the medical information. We’ll explain the process to both you and your child, so you know what to expect. We’ll administer the sedation medication by mouth, or through a nose mask and allow you to stay with your little one until they begin feeling drowsy. Throughout the entire process, we’ll be checking your child’s heart rate, blood pressure, temperature, and blood oxygen level, so you can rest assured they’ll be completely safe in our care.