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Lasting Preventive Care in Farmers Branch and Irving

Preventive Dentistry Farmers Branch & Irving Dentist examining patientAt Rio Dental & Orthodontics, our doctors have a simple, but extremely important goal – we want to prevent oral health problems whenever possible instead of treating them after they occur. This holds true for all our patients, whether they’re just starting to see baby teeth or their fully adult smile is ready for orthodontic attention. With the help of oral examinations, revitalizing cleanings, and other valuable preventive services, we’ll help keep your family’s smiles strong and confident throughout the years! Contact either our Farmers Branch or Irving, TX location today to schedule a first appointment.

dental mirror reflecting inside of mouthCheckups & Cleanings

Attending routine checkups and cleanings every six months (or twice each year) is the best way for children, teenagers, adults, and patients of all ages to prevent dental problems. Our team always uses a gentle touch and a careful eye as we inspect each individual smile in order to keep them shining brightly.

Dentist examing young boy sporting red shadesDental Sealants

There are certain areas of the mouth that are more susceptible to dental decay than others, such as the deep grooves in the premolars and molars. These areas are especially cavity-prone for children, who are still learning how to brush and floss and may miss these hard-to-reach areas time and time again. Here in Irving and Farmers Branch, our doctors are likely to recommend dental sealants as a simple and effective preventive service that can provide years of valuable protection to teeth in need.

Dental sealants are made from high-quality plastic material that effectively “seals” the chewing surfaces of certain teeth once placed. This keeps food particles and bacteria from becoming stuck in these tricky areas and leading to damage over time. The application process is easy and comfortable for even the littlest of patients, and the sealants are barely noticeable.

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Dentist examing lady with dental mirrorOral Cancer Screenings

While many cases of oral cancer occur because of known risk factors (such as the heavy use of tobacco and/or alcohol) a startling 25% of cases are found in patients who didn’t participate in any of these behaviors. It’s even possible for children to fall victim to this dangerous condition. With the help of oral cancer screenings, our doctors strive to identify potentially cancerous areas of oral tissue as early on as possible, making the chances of a successful recovery much higher for our valued patients.

Enthusiastic Boy giving hearty thumbs upFluoride Treatment

Little smiles can always use an extra boost of protection and strength – that’s why fluoride is so important! This natural mineral is routinely added to water supplies, and for good reason. Studies have shown that regularly drinking fluoridated water can have very positive effects for oral health, fortifying tooth enamel and aiding with the remineralization process of damaged areas. In fact, the American Academy of Pediatric Dentists has reported that fluoride can reduce tooth decay over time by 50% to 70%!

If our team at Rio Dental & Orthodontics determines that your child isn’t receiving enough fluoride in their daily diet, we may recommend routine applications at either of our practice locations. These treatments can also benefit older patients who have teeth that are overly sensitive to decay.

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Person getting gums examined with dental mirrorGum Disease Treatment

We don’t want to scare you, but gum disease (also known as periodontal disease) is one of the most common health problems in the world – not to mention the leading cause of tooth loss in the United States. While early symptoms tend to seem relatively harmless, untreated infections can grow out of control very quickly. That’s why our Rio Dental & Orthodontics team takes this threat so seriously! Periodontal screenings are a big part of our approach to preventive care, and if our doctors discover any cause for alarm, we’ll be sure to treat it quickly and effectively with solutions like in-depth cleanings, a procedure known as root scaling and planing that removes bacteria from the more hidden areas of the mouth, and rejuvenating antibiotic therapy.

While brushing and flossing each night, families should be on the look-out for potential signs of gum disease that may need attention. Common symptoms include:

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  • Bleeding gums
  • Gum tissue that looks very red, swollen, and/or tender
  • Serious bad breath that lingers even after practicing oral hygiene
  • A change in certain teeth or the overall way your bite fits together
  • Teeth that appear longer over time