How to Get Your Child to Floss More

Let’s face it- getting your child to consistently commit to flossing their teeth can be a challenge. We know how important it is in preventing gingivitis, cavities, plaque buildup, receding gums in kids and other important oral issues. But when they don’t necessarily understand the benefits and remain stubborn to flossing, there are some tips and tricks you can use to get them to do it more often. Turn it into a Game Childrens’ imaginations are always running wild. The options are endless for what kind of story yo...

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How Orthodontics Can Improve Your Overall Health

If you’re considering being treated with Invisalign clear braces in Irving, we hope you’ll come to Rio Dental & Orthodontics where orthodontic care is one of our specialties. Many of our patients choose to get orthodontic care for straightening their teeth and improving their smiles and their feeling of self-esteem. And while that sense of well-being is extremely important, many health benefits go with that gleaming new smile. Poor oral health and your overall health There is growing medical evidence that poor ...

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